Recipe 51 – Apricot Swiss Cakes

26th March 2012

Whilst the Battenburg was in the oven baking I realised I still hadn’t baked the Apricot Swiss Cakes for the weekly bake off.  A quick check to make sure I had all the ingredients – I did, so no putting if off any more.

Twelve fairy cake cases were put into a muffin tin.  The Battenburg was ready to come out of the oven, which was good timing as the oven needed to be turned up a bit for the cakes.

With the washing up done from the Battenburg, the bowl was dried and into it I weighed the butter.  This was put in the microwave for a little while to soften it up.  Added to this was the (sieved) icing sugar and it was beaten until light and fluffy. 

Next it was time to add the self raising flour and the cornflour.  This is the first time I’ve used cornflour in a cake, I assume it was to give them a slightly biscuity bite about them.  In the past when I’ve made biscuits I’ve used custard powder.  With the flours added it was a case of stirring  until smooth.

The mixture I thought was rather stiff, perhaps I hadn’t beaten the buttercream mixture enough to start with.   I was slightly worried at this stage as the mixture now had to be put into a piping bag!  A large star nozzle was put on the bag and circles of the mixture had to be piped into the base of each case.  To start with it was rather difficult to pipe into the cases as the mixture was so stiff, but my hands obviously warmed it up a bit and by the last few the mixture was flowing nicely.  With the twelve fairy cases filled, I had enough mixture for one more cake.  Rather than do a solitary one in another tray, I used some of my tiny cases to make six little ones.

Into the oven they went for 15 minutes.  The tiny cakes were ready by this time, but the others I left in for another 5 minutes until they were a pale golden brown.  It was quite difficult to remove the paper cases from the tin as the mixture was slightly soft and crumbly (in a biscuity sort of way).  I noticed that as they cooled the middle of the cakes started to dip very slightly.  I wasn’t sure whether this was meant to happen, but it would make a nice little dip for the jam to go in!

Obviously apricot jam is meant to be used in these cakes, but in all honesty neither myself or my family are a great lover of apricot jam, so I spooned three small spoonfuls of apricot jam onto the top of three of the cakes.  I then used raspberry and homemade plum and strawberry jam on the rest.

Finally, they were dusted very lightly (if possible) with icing sugar.

Taste wise to me they had the texture of Viennese Whirls, which I personally like.  My husband thought they were very nice too, although my daughter and son weren’t too keen.



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