Recipe 49 – Filo Apple Strudels

19th March 2012

With dinner in the oven cooking, I thought it was about time I made these little Apple Strudels.  I had bought the filo pastry a week ago and there were a few of my mum and dad’s cooking apples still left to use up, so timing wise these should be ready to come out of the oven just as we finished our evening meal – so that would be pudding sorted for tonight.

The oven was already on, so it was just a case of lightly greasing two baking trays.

First of all I had to prepare the filling.  I needed 25g of fresh breadcrumbs, so a crust of bread was put into my mini-chopper/mixer and chopped up.  These were tipped into a bowl, together with some demerara sugar, sultanas and cinnamon.  The apples were peeled and cored and roughly chopped and added to the mixture, together with the juice of half a lemon.  When will I learn to juice the lemon separately and not directly into the mixture.  Although it seemed as there were no pips in the lemon half, as soon as I started squeezing out pop 4 little pips, which then disappear from sight.  After 5 minutes these had been retrieved and I could carry on!

The filo sheets Mary says to use were slightly smaller than the ones I had bought, so I had to cut them to size.

One sheet of filo was put onto a board and brushed liberally with some melted butter.  I spooned some of the apple mixture over the middle third of the longest edge of the pastry, leaving a border each side.  It was then a case of folding in the border and bringing the two short sides over the apple to cover it.  The filled pastry was then to be rolled over and over to form a neat strudel.  I think my kitchen was too hot and the filo started to split as it was drying out, so because I had extra pastry, I placed this strudel onto another sheet of filo pastry and rolled it up in this too.  The strudel was then placed on the baking sheet and again liberally brushed with butter.  Mary said this should make 8 strudels, but as the pastry was drying out and cracking so easily, I made 4 in all, putting a second sheet around all of the others too.

These went into the oven for 15 minutes, but after this time I left them for another 5 minutes until they were golden brown and crispy.  You were meant to made a syrup from sugar and water to pour over the strudels, but no-one in my family wanted me to do this, they just wanted them sprinkled with icing sugar.  Too impatient as they looked and smelt heavenly.

They were lovely and very easy to make.  We actually had to leave them for about 10 minutes before we could eat them as the apple mixture inside was extremely hot.  Another recipe that will be on the list to bake again!



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