Recipe 47 – Lemon Yoghurt Cake

16th March 2012

Gosh, five days since I last baked anything from the Bible.  Busy week and my son had made a lovely chocolate cake at school on Wednesday, but I needed to bake so made some time this afternoon.
This was my second recipe for the @weeklybakeoff.  The one ingredient on my shopping list I needed this week was Greek yoghurt.  This had been sitting in the fridge since Wednesday and if I didn’t use it soon, I knew my daughter would be eating it with some raspberries!
A 20cm deep round cake tin was lightly greased and the base lined with parchment and the oven put on to preheat.
I had remembered to take the butter out of the fridge this morning, so it was nice and soft!  First I  weighed the sugar and butter into a bowl and then I had to add 3 large egg yolks.  So another bowl was used for the egg whites.  Not to worry, they would be needed later on in the recipe.  The sugar, butter and eggs were beaten together until light and fluffy.  I then realised I only had 200g of Greek yoghurt, but needed 225g.  Hopefully the 25g I was short wouldn’t matter. So into the bowl went the yoghurt and grated rind of a lemon (another bowl to wash up).  and again, the mixture was beaten until smooth.

Next  the flour was gently folded in.  Then it was onto the egg whites.  These had to be whisked to a soft peak and then carefully folded into the mixture.  The mixture was more of a batter, so hopefully the shortfall in Greek yoghurt wouldn’t matter.

The mixture was poured into the tin and levelled out.  This was to go into the oven for 1-1 1/4 hours, so I set the timer for an hour so I could check all was going to plan.  I seemed to have acquired a large amount of washing up whilst preparing this cake, so thought it would be a good idea to wash up now and get it out of the way.

After an hour the cake was well risen, but not quite firm to the touch, so I left it in for another 10 minutes.  It was then taken out of the oven and left in the tin for a few minutes before turning it out and removing the parchment from the base.  It was left to cool on a wire rack.

I didn’t actually get round to icing the cake until the next morning as I was off to the cinema this evening with my husband and I had a fish pie to cook in the meantime for tea!

So early Saturday morning I weighed out the icing sugar and added to this 1 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice. I mixed this gently together, so as to keep the kitchen clean and then poured  it onto the cake.  It was at this point I realised my cake wasn’t sitting on a level surface so the icing started to run off one side.  I quickly rectified this and spread the icing over the cake.  Now I had to leave it to set.

The cake was finally cut into at lunchtime, I could resist no longer.  It is a lovely moist cake, although in a strange way the icing was very sweet, but also very sour with the lemon juice.  It certainly went down well with a cup of tea and the colour of the cake and icing reminded me of spring.


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