Recipe 45 – Gingerbread Traybake

7th March 2012

Catch up time on my blog.  Suddenly realised I hadn’t written up on the gingerbread traybake!

I hadn’t intended on baking anything today, but my daughter came home from school and was going through the cupboards as usual on a Wednesday, as I do a weekly shop then to see what I had bought.  Seemed to get her approval, except on one thing, I hadn’t baked anything so there was no cake in the house.  Unforgivable!!

So, it was down to my daughter to decide.  She wanted a cake, not little cakes, but a big round cake – so she chose the Gingerbread Traybake.  I suppose it is a big cake to start with, but not round, it’s rectangular and ends up little once cut up!

Oven on, traybake greased and the bottom of the tin lined.

I knew there was a tin of black treacle somewhere in the back of the cupboard.  It’s that ingredient that you buy but very rarely use.  Into the saucepan it went.  I needed 275g.  I had 265g.  Oh well decided to make the shortfall up with the golden syrup which I knew I had enough of.  So the golden syrup went into the pan as well, together with the light muscovado sugar and the butter.  Gosh what sugary/fatty ingredients – not good for our teeth or health!

My daughter heated this gently and stirred until the butter had melted.  I wasn’t too sure about the traybake at this stage as I do not like the smell of black treacle.  Emily was convinced it looked like the stuff you paint onto horses hooves!

In the meantime I had measured into a bowl the flour and spices and mixed in another bowl the eggs and milk (so much washing up with all these bowls – I do love the all in one recipes!)

You were meant to add the flour and spices to the saucepan, but unfortunately the pan I had used was not big enough, so the syrupy mixture was added to the flour and spices instead.  This was quite a stiff mixture and difficult to get the flour mixed in, lumps of flour were encased by the syrup, so just as you thought you were there, one would explode and there would be bits of flour in the mixture again.  The eggs and milk were added and the mixture was beaten until smooth.

It was then poured into the pan and popped into the oven for 45 minutes.  I must admit whilst it was baking the house did smell lovely – you could smell the mixed spice and ginger.  After 45 minutes the cake had shrunk away from the sides and was springy to the touch, so it was taken out of the oven.  After 5 minutes I removed the gingerbread from the tin, removed the baking parchment and left it to cool on the wire rack.

Now we had to wait for it to cool before we could ice it.  Into the bowl went 225g of icing sugar (sieved).  Mary says to add 2tbsp of water, but after adding this I had extremely thick icing, well a lump really, there was no way it could have been spread over the top of the traybake.  I eventually added two more tablespoons to get a thick, but spreadable icing.  Into the icing I also had to add 50g of stem ginger.  This is something I haven’t used before.  I took a lump out of the jar and chopped it up very small.  I wasn’t sure what this was going to be like so tasted a small amount, it was lovely, spicy and warm in your mouth.

Anyway the icing was poured on the top and spread evenly over.  It was then left to set, after which it was cut into 21 pieces.

I tasted a piece that evening, and to be quite honest I wasn’t impressed, all I could taste was the treacle.  However, the next day and even the day after that it tasted gorgeous.  It seems the longer you leave it the stickier it gets and the flavour obviously develops more.  It is beginning to taste and look more like the Jamaican Ginger Cake you buy in the shop.  Yum.



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