Recipe 43 – Cupcakes

5th March 2012

Having spent Sunday afternoon flicking through a Cupcake Magazine with my daughter, I decided today I would make her some cupcakes – one of her many ‘cakey’ favourites.

I have always thought that cupcakes and fairy cakes are all one and the same – but they are not, in fairy cakes you add the same quantity of butter, sugar and flour.  However, in cupcakes you add the 2/3rds butter to the quantity of sugar and flour!

I also thought cupcakes were baked in smaller cases, but again Mary says to use muffin cases.  So 12 muffin cases were placed into the muffin tin and the oven put on to preheat.  

It was another all in one recipe for the cupcakes, so into a bowl went the butter (yes it had been left out to soften sufficiently for this recipe), the self-raising flour, together with the caster sugar.  Next to be added was 3tbsp milk, 2 large eggs and 1/2 tsp vanilla extract.

I was just about to start mixing when the phone rang.  It was my mum, it was lucky I hadn’t started mixing everything yet as it was at least half an hour before I went back to cake making.  There was lots to discuss, how my daughter’s mock AS’ level exams had gone last week, my son’s GCSE options which had to be in this morning and had been changed so many times in the last few days, how rugby had gone yesterday , the atrocious weather in which my son had played and lastly, how my husband was as he had been off work for a week with a horrible flu bug, which had really knocked him sideways.

Anyway, chat over and it was back to the kitchen – It was out with my daughter’s trusty hand mixer to blitz the ingredients all together.  Once blended and smooth, the mixture was evenly distributed between the 12 cases.

By this time I knew the oven had had time to preheat and would be nice and warm for the cakes.  In they went for 20 minutes.  Had a peek after 20 minutes, but felt they needed a little bit longer as they weren’t quite golden brown.  5 minutes later and they were ready, so it was out of the oven, out of the muffin tin and onto a wire rack to cool.

Once cooled it was onto the icing.  I really must get myself some bigger nozzles – I need a 1M. 
Softened butter and icing sugar were blended together, along with a little bit of vanilla essence to give it some flavour.  Then I couldn’t resist colouring it.  I divided it into two and coloured some pink and then the other I thought I would colour green – why I do not know!!

Into the piping bag went some pink icing and swirls were made on the cakes, together with one cake which I made a nest on.   A few chocolate eggs were popped on top. Then onto the green icing, again swirls were made on the cakes.    I thought I would try to do some grass with the green icing using a funny little nozzle which looked like at thimble with lots of holes on it.  It started off OK, but I think the icing was a bit too soft , so I made a green nest instead – the strands almost looked like straw (albeit green straw).  Then I had an idea, I had never tried two-tone icing, so with the remaining icing I put the pink icing in one side of the piping bag and filled the remainder with green.  To start with the icing looked quite effective, but I think where it had started to mix together it turned a sort of very grubby green colour – not that appetising!

Anyway I enjoyed experimenting and I now know that I am capable of doing two tone icing, all I need is to get myself some correct nozzles.  The ones I have are really for royal icing and delicate work!

All members of the family enjoyed the cakes and said they were very tasty – they certainly didn’t last long, although my daughter did manage to save one for her breakfast the next morning!!


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