Recipe 42 – Double Orange Cake

3rd March 2012

Still raining outside, so more baking was required this morning.

After reading a couple of followers’ blogs on how moist and lovely the Double Orange Cake was from Mary’s Baking Bible, I decided as I had a few oranges that were past their sale by date for eating, I would give this cake a go and I am glad I did!

The oven was already on and the Soda Bread was baking away inside.  Luckily both required the same temperature, so as soon as the bread was ready the cake could go in.

A 20cm round tin was lightly greased and the bottom lined with baking parchment.

This was another all in one cake from Mary, but there was a small amount of preparation required before I could start.  I needed to grate the rind from an orange and also juice it.  It amazes me how  my dog knows when I get the grater out of the cupboard, he’s the same with cheese from the fridge.  It doesn’t seem to matter where he is in the house, within seconds (or milliseconds even) of getting either out, he’s there by my side.  Slightly disappointed this time as once I started grating the orange, he started sneezing from the smell and soon disappeared!  

With the orange rind grated and the flesh juiced it was on with adding the rest of the ingredients to the bowl.  In when the softened butter, the caster sugar, self raising flour, baking powder and 3 large eggs, beaten.  These were all mixed together with my hand whisk for a couple of minutes until well blended and smooth.

The mixture was turned into the tin and the top levelled.  It was then popped into the oven for 30 minutes (Mary said 35, but I thought I’d play safe and check after 30).  After 30 minutes, the cake did need another 5 minutes.  I wished afterwards I had only put it in for another minute as I now felt it was slightly overdone on the top.

The cake was left to cool in the tin for a couple of minutes and was then removed, along with the baking parchment and left to cool on the wire rack.

Whilst waiting for it to cool, the dog was walked as the rain had stopped and was sunny, although very chilly.  Obviously not that cold as the dog still enjoyed a swim in the river – must be mad!

Back in from the walk, I had every intention of going to the allotment and leaving the icing of the cake until later, but by the time I had changed into my gardening gear it had decided to rain again. That was it, I had made my mind up – no allotment today, it would have to wait until in the week as tomorrow looked as though it was going to be a wash-out.

Onto the icing.  I needed the juice of half an orange, but the one orange I had left didn’t look particularly appetising and was definitely more than just a bit overripe, so instead I had to use a tangerine.  I finely shredded the rind of the tangerine and juiced the flesh.

It was time for the dreaded icing sugar to make an appearance.  Into a bowl went the icing sugar and a huge icing sugar cloud went around the kitchen!  To this I added the juice and very gradually mixed the two together until a coating consistency was obtained.

I poured the icing onto the cake and spread it over, although I think it would have found it’s own way eventually.  On the top I sprinkled the shredded rind.  

I actually managed waiting at least 5 minutes before I had to taste the cake.  It was lovely, so light and a very delicate orange flavour came through.  Another winner and another one I will be baking again!!



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