Recipe 39 – Banana & Chocolate Chip Bars

25th February 2012

Gorgeous sunny day, so after taking the dog for a walk, putting more washing on the line, there was enough time to quickly bake something before the rugby started.

A quick recipe and a quick blog as not very much happened, it seemed to be in the oven very quickly!

I have been meaning to bake this recipe for some time, but have been out of chocolate chips for a while, so have been unable to do so.  However, they were on the shopping list this week, so no excuse now.

First things first, oven on (180C, Fan 160C, Gas 4) and a square tin lightly greased.

Porridge oats the first ingredient to be weighed out  (75g) – I know I have enough of everything else, but the box of oats is feeling very light.  Luckily I have enough so into the bowl they go, along with some demerara sugar (75g) and some wholemeal self-raising flour (75g) (makes you think this recipe’s healthier for you as it has wholemeal flour in it).  Mixed all together with my fingers.

Next ingredient was the butter (100g).  This had to be rubbed in to the dry mixture.  Normally I find rubbing in very easy, but today it was difficult.  I think it was the coarseness of the porridge oats and sugar.  Normally the butter and flour are rubbed in and then the sugar etc added.  Anyway, eventually it all resembled breadcrumbs – moist breadcrumbs though as I think the butter had started melting by the time I had finished.

Half the mixture was then spread over the base of the tin.  On top of this you had to add one chopped banana.  I chopped the banana very thinly as I was worried there would not be enough to cover the whole tin, but there was plenty.  On top of the banana went the other half of the mixture which had to be pressed down well.  

It was then onto the chocolate chips.  Only 25g were needed for this recipe, it didn’t look very many!  To stop me nibbling on the remainder I quickly put a clip on the bag and put them back in the cupboard.  The chocolate chips were sprinkled on top of the mixture and I must admit there were more than enough.

Into the oven the tin went for 25 minutes.  After 25 minutes the mixture didn’t look very golden brown so I set the timer for another 5 minutes.  It still didn’t look brown enough so I left it in for yet another 5 minutes.   After this it looked ready, so it was removed from the oven and left to cool in the tin.  Looking back, I don’t think my oven had long enough to warm up as it must have only been about 5 minutes from turning the oven on to putting the tin into the oven!   

Once cooled it was cut into bars.  I think my bars must have been slightly larger than Mary’s as she said it made 12, but I only made 8.

Taste wise, very sweet and the flavour of the gooey banana in the middle certainly comes through.  These definitely won’t be around for long.



3 thoughts on “Recipe 39 – Banana & Chocolate Chip Bars

  1. Love the recipe but has no weights or measures or oven tempture but I would love to make them! Banana and Chocolate Chip Bar.

    • I’m not meant to put the weights as technically it’s Mary Berry’s recipe and not mine. The later recipes I have put the weights as I was feeling braver. I will add the weights and update this. Will see if I have time tomorrow. Will let you know when I have. Thanks for the feedback xx

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