Recipe 38 – Fast Flapjacks

21st February 2012

Oh dear, sickness has hit the family – my daughter has been in bed since Sunday and my husband has come home from work full of ‘flu’.  I did tell him not to go into work today, but he wouldn’t listen.  Only me and my son left – oh and the dog!  

So daughter in bed, husband on his way to bed, son in bedroom playing on Xbox, dog in his bed also asleep – what shall I do – silly question really, time for some baking.

As it was a ‘quiet’ house this evening I had a quick look through the ‘Bible’ to see what I could bake without having to use the mixer and make too much of a noise.  Flapjack jumped out at me!

I have always loved flapjack, but it must be soft and chewy not hard and crunchy, so this would be one to test.  Mary says at the beginning to take care not to over bake them as they can become hard and crunchy, so my eyes would be on the oven the whole time!

First things first, pre-heat the oven.  Normally the next thing I would do would be to prepare the tin, but looking at the amount of golden syrup I had left after it had been put on my son’s pancakes, I decided I should weigh it first as I may not have enough and the little corner shop had shut already!  

I needed 75g in total.  I put the saucepan on the scales and started pouring the syrup in.  The number on the scales were going up, until it got to 70g and by that time it was a very thin stream of syrup coming out.  It was painful, slowly the scales went up 71g, 72g, 73g …. by now the syrup was coming slower and slower … 74g then the scales switched themselves off.  Anyway, got the remaining amount out of the bottle and hoped that by now there would be enough.

Next to go in the bowl was the demerara sugar (another use for the packet bought by mistake – I will use this all up, eventually).  The third ingredient to go into the saucepan was the butter.  225g in total.  Just looking in the pan made my arteries clog up, all that fat – oh well I’m sure I won’t be the only one eating them.

Before heating it up I thought I should grease the traybake.  As I said before I haven’t got the exact size that Mary states, but the one that I have is slightly bigger.   I do, however, like my flapjacks quite chunky, so decided instead to use my brownie tin which is square and slightly smaller..  Quickly greased the tin and it was on with cooking.

The mixture was heated over a low heat until the butter had melted and it had all been mixed together.  It was then time for the fourth and final ingredient, the porridge oats.  These were mixed in well and then the mixture was turned into the tin and flattened down with a palette knife.

Into the oven it went for 35 minutes.  I checked after 30 minutes as I didn’t want it over-cooked, but it needed another 5.  After this I removed it from the oven and left it for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes I marked it into 16 squares and left it to cool in the tin.

It smelt lovely and it wasn’t long before my son came downstairs to see what I had been baking. Told him he’d have to wait until it was cool – not a happy boy!

I didn’t actually taste the flapjack until the next day, but it lived up to expectations, nice and soft and chewy, but slightly crunchy round the edges – perfect.

Not as fast to bake as I thought, but that was mainly down to the golden syrup at the beginning!


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