Recipe 37 – Sultana Streusel Buns

19th February 2012

With the first part of the steak and kidney pudding in the oven cooking ready for this evening’s meal my mind turned to baking.  The boys were off at rugby, only training this week, so no need for me to go along and watch and my daughter was tucked up in bed as she was feeling poorly.

First thing on with the radio, I do love listening to Sara Cox on a Sunday morning on Radio 1 – have reverted back to Radio 1 after leaving it for a while as I decided I was too old, but am hooked again.

Oven on to preheat.  Now to remove the bun tin from my rack without everything else falling out.  Impossible.  I recently purchased a baking sheet/tin rack to put in my cupboard as I have everything leaning up against each other and it usually ends with everything falling out whenever I need something from the pile.  The rack is good, but I think I’ve arranged it too well – I have put all my bun/muffin tins in one part of the rack all sitting in together.  Not a good idea as it means I have to remove them all to get the one I want.  A little more re-arranging required at some point!

This time Mary says to use fairy cake cases, not muffin cases, to I thought I would use my new Tala cases that I bought a few weeks ago (it says they’re reusable – just wipe clean, but I’m not convinced).  It says on the packet that they are muffin cases, but once removed they are clearly fairy cake cases, they are tiny compared to my others.  So 12 cases popped in the bun tin (3 of each colour – blue, pink, cream and chocolate).

Into the mixing bowl went the flour and baking powder and into that I added the butter.  Rubbing in method again today – so butter rubbed in until it resembled breadcrumbs.  Into this went the caster sugar and sultanas.

In another bowl I lightly mixed one egg together with 150ml of milk and poured this into the dry mixture.  Gave it a good beating until it was smooth.

Mary suggests either baking 12 buns or 18 smaller buns.  I had decided on the 12 so I carefully spooned the mixture into the 12 cases.  The cases were about two-third full, so I was a bit worried that they might overflow, but will wait to see.

The tin was put to one side as there was another part to this recipe.  You may have guessed from the heading ‘streusel’ – a topping was to be made.  This was quite simple, just flour, light muscovado sugar and melted butter mixed together.  Mary says to mix the mixture with a fork until it is crumbly.  I mixed and mixed and mixed, but my mixture was not going crumbly, instead it had started to all come together.  I think my kitchen was a little too warm having the other oven on for the steak and kidney pudding and the sunshine was pouring in through the windows too.  

I managed to pick bits of the mixture up and sort of crumble it on top of each of the cakes.  It wasn’t really crumbs on top, but lumps of  the mixture!  Anyway that done into the oven they went for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes I felt they weren’t quite done – they were a little bit soft to the touch, but well risen – they had indeed overflowed.  Perhaps I should have made 18 smaller buns instead!

A couple of minutes more in the oven and they were firm to the touch, so I removed them and  lifted them out of the bun tins and onto a cooling rack.  Already I wasn’t impressed by the paper cases, they seemed very flimsy and had gone see-through (except for the chocolate coloured one) with the baking.

Once cooled they were dusted with icing sugar.  By this time the boys were back so it was tasting time.  They tasted very light and the streusel topping was very scrummy.  My daughter also ate one, which hopefully made her feel a bit better.  I don’t think they will be around for long!

As for the cases, I tried to wipe one round, but it basically fell apart.  Not a good purchase – I will try again with another recipe but I don’t hold out much hope for them!



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