Recipe 34 – Double Chocolate Cookies

8th February 2012

Having had milk chocolate buttons sitting in the cupboard for more than a week, I thought it was about time I used them, otherwise I would have to eat them.

Dead easy to make … that’s what it says!!  Well there are only five ingredients in the whole recipe!

A quick trip to the corner shop for my daughter as I was slightly short on the amount of plain chocolate needed.  She managed to come back with the plain chocolate I needed, together with a bar of milk chocolate for herself!!

Chocolate broken into pieces and put in a bowl together with the butter and placed over a pan of simmering water.  Five minutes later and it had all melted.   A can of condensed milk was then added to this mixture and stirred in.  Once this had been combined together, it was removed from the heat and left to cool.

Whilst cooling, I measured the flour and milk chocolate buttons into another bowl.  Unfortunately I had too many ‘buttons’ so rather than leave them lying around, they quickly made their way into my tummy!  I love white chocolate buttons, brings back memories of my childhood!  I’m sure my brother was the Milky Bar Kid …

With the mixture slightly cooled I added the flour and buttons.  It was rather difficult to mix this mixture together, it was as thought once covered with flour a skin had developed around the chocolate mixture and it didn’t want to let the flour in.

The mixture then had to chill until firm enough to handle, so into the fridge it went.

The oven was then preheated and three baking trays lightly greased.  

I was distracted so rather than leaving the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes it was in there for an hour.  When I had removed it, it had virtually set.  Mary says to put large teaspoonfuls of mixture onto the trays.  My mixture was so hard, that I actually bent a teaspoon trying to scoop some out.  However, it soon began to warm up, although I actually found it easier scooping it out with a teaspoon and shaping it into a ball in my hands and then slightly flattening it once on the baking tray.  36 scoops later and the mixture was all used up.

Into the oven for 15 minutes.  Slight panic as the lasagne for our evening meal was ready at the same time the cookies had to come out.  Sorry, kids/hubby, dinner will have to wait 5 minutes!

The cookies looked scrummy, they hadn’t spread as much as I thought, probably due to the fact that the mixture was a little bit too cold going into the oven, but once cooled they had a crispy outer, but were lovely and soft inside.  

Definitely one that I will be baking again!


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