Recipe 32 – Cherry Loaf Cake

3rd February 2012

My daughter has been asking for a cherry cake for ages, it’s one of her favourites, so as I had some cherries still in the cupboard from the other day, I thought I would bake this for her.

Oven was already on from the traybake, so it was on with greasing the 2lb loaf tin (it’s funny isn’t it that everything is metric nowadays – cake tins etc – but loaf tins always stay in imperial.  When you look at the tins in the shops it’s always 1lb or 2lb never the metric equivalent), and lining the bottom.

It was the dreaded job of cutting the cherries into quarters again.  With 175g of cherries to cut up, this seemed to take ages.  Then it was into the sieve and a good rinse to get rid of the syrup and out onto the kitchen paper to dry.

All the other ingredients, self-raising flour, softened butter, caster sugar, rind of a lemon, grated almonds and three eggs were put into a bowl and mixed for one minute.  Slight problem, my kitchen clock had decided to give up the other day and even though I had put new batteries in, it still didn’t want to work.  The new one I bought, although very nice I suddenly realised didn’t have a secondhand.  Oh well count to 60 – slowly, quickly – mixed a little bit longer in case I had counted too quickly – one hundred and one, one hundred and two, one hundred and three …

Cherries were then folded in and the mixture turned into the prepared tin and put into the oven for an hour.

By now I was trying to do too many things and had started to prepare the evening meal.  Looked at the timer to see I had set it for an hour, but hadn’t pressed the start button.  Aaargh, how long had the cake been in the oven.  I reckoned 20 minutes, so set the timer for 40 minutes and pressed ‘start’!!

Off went the timer, had a quick look at the cake and put my cake tester in the middle, it wasn’t quite clean so thought I’d give the cake another 5-10 minutes.  Of course the cake eventually came out of the oven half way through eating our evening meal.  

Left the cake in the tin for 10 minutes and then turned out to finish cooling on a wire rack.  I think this cake may have been slightly overdone, but my daughter and husband both say it is lovely, although perhaps a bit lemony in my and my daughter’s opinion.  It went down well anyway whilst watching the rugby at the weekend.



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