Recipe 31 – Sultana & Orange Traybake

3rd February 2012

No cakes left in the house (I can’t believe how quickly my family gets through them), so thought I’d better do some baking for the weekend, especially with the Six Nations upon us, they’d want a cake whilst watching the rugby.

A flick through the Bible and I realised I hadn’t actually baked anything from the ‘Traybake and Flapjack’ section of the book.  I also haven’t baked anything from the ‘Hot Puddings & Pies’ section – that  involves pastry, so will have to sort that out in the not too distant future too!!

Right a quick look through the ingredients and I actually have everything, so no need to rush off to the shops!

Oven on, traybake tin out of the cupboard.  Hang on, my traybake isn’t 30 x 23 cm.  I have two, so measured them both and worked out the area to see which one would be best.  The square one won.  I can remember now why I hadn’t baked any traybakes it was for the simply reason that I cannot find anywhere a tray that is 30 x 23 cm they are either too narrow or too long.  Oh well these will probably turn out a little bit bigger (depth wise) than they should.

Into the bowl went the softened butter, caster sugar, self-raising flour (I find it so hard to type flour nowadays and not ‘flower’), 2 level tsps baking powder, 4 eggs (good old chickens are laying well still), milk, sultanas and rind of two oranges.

Easy, beat well until well blended.  That was it – into the pan it went.  I was slightly concerned as the mixture seemed to fill my pan nearly to the top.  I wanted them to rise, but not too much so they overflowed!

They should have been cooked for 25 minutes and then removed from the oven and sprinkled with demerara sugar and put back in the oven for another 10-15 minutes.  However, Mary also said you could ice these – asked my daughter sugar or icing, it was obvious what the answer was going to be – icing.  So after 35 minutes I took the cake out of the oven.  It had started to shrink from the sides and sprung back when pressed in the centre with my fingertips.

Then it had to cool in the tin – this always seems to take a long time and my children keep coming back into the kitchen so see ‘if it’s ready yet’.  

Once cooled it was onto the icing.  You needed 3 tblsps or orange juice mixed in with the icing sugar.  This tasted lovely!  

I decided to take the traybake out and cut it into slices before icing it as the cake appeared to have sunk in the middle and, looked as though it was slightly undercooked.  I sliced the cake up and it was slightly undercooked in the middle, luckily it was only the middle square – all the other pieces looked find.  That one went in the bin.  One less to go on my hips!

Poured the icing over the top of the pieces and let it run off the sides – it was then another case of leaving it to set!

I myself wasn’t that keen on these cakes, there was something about them I didn’t like, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  However, the rest of the family liked them and they went down well!



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