Recipe 29 -Iced Apricot Fruit Loaf

28th January 2012

Onto my second recipe for the day.  I had bought some apricots the previous week and as I hadn’t  nibbled my way through them, I thought I would see if there was a recipe in ‘The Bible’.

It sounded very nice looking through the ingredients – apricots, cherries, sultanas, muscovado sugar and there was icing on top too – yum.

Oven was already on – chocolate muffins were cooking – so onto the next step of greasing a 2lb loaf tin.  Cake release brushed around the inside and the bottom lined with parchment.

The first task was to cut the cherries into quarters.  What a sticky mess this turned out to be.  All the cherries ended up sticking to the knife and Emily was hovering looking for any cherries not being used.  I must admit I’m a bit partial to eating the cherries too, especially when they are in the syrup.  After the cherries were chopped the all went into the sieve and were rinsed under running water.  All that lovely stickiness was washed away.  Next  – dry the cherries.  You wouldn’t think it would take long to dry cherries when they are this small, but it does, it’s surprising how much water comes off of them!

Right onto cooking.  3 large eggs (at last I can use my own chicken eggs again as they are well and truly laying – better than supermarket ones any day) cracked into a bowl and the remaining ingredients weighed out and added (including the cherries).  Beat the mixture until smooth and that was it.  I can’t believe the cherries took longer to prepare than the mixing of the whole cake!

Poured the mixture into the tin and levelled the top.  I must admit using a spatula to scrape out the bowl ensures every bit gets put in the the tin, but I am one for scraping the bowl out for a little taster.

The cake took just over an hour to cook and the smell in the kitchen was lovely as it was baking.  Left to cool in the tin for 10 minutes and then turned out, parchment peeled off and allowed to finish on the wire rack.

Now I had to wait and wait and wait until the cake was cool enough to ice.  To make the icing you had to heat some apricot jam and water together until the jam melted.  This was poured over the icing sugar and mixed in.  To start with it didn’t look a very nice colour, but the more you mixed the lighter it came until it was, I suppose a very pale apricot colour.

Spooned the jam over the cake and spread it out gently.  Some of it ran down the sides of the cake which made the cake more attractive.  On the top, down the centre I sprinkled two chopped up apricots.  Another very tasty recipe from Mary’s Bible.


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