Recipe 26 – Dark Indulgent Chocolate and Walnut Brownies

20th January 2012
It took me ages to decide to cook this recipe.  I didn’t think I had enough plain chocolate, so started flicking through the pages to find something else to cook.  Had settled on a tray bake, until I realised that I did in fact have enough chocolate, so flicked back through the pages ….
Should have known from the start that it wasn’t going to go according to plan.  I needed a 30 x 23 cm traybake.  The ones I had were 23 x 23cm or 30 x 19cm.  Originally I greased two 23 x 23, but in the end only used one as I thought there wasn’t enough mixture for two and I’d rather have the brownies slightly deeper.
I couldn’t believe how much chocolate was needed for this recipe.  I needed 350g plain chocolate, plus 225g plain chocolate chips!!  Anyway, oven on to preheat as normal and chocolate broken into a bowl, which I set over a pan of simmering water.  Once melted, removed from pan and put to one side to cool.
Next dissolve 2tsps instant coffee in some warm water and then add this to the eggs, sugar and vanilla extract.  Mary said to mix these all together, but from the brownie recipe that I normally use, I have always whisked the mixture until it had almost doubled in size.  This I have found makes the most gorgeous brownies, so I did this to Mary’s mixture.
Next the melted chocolate was added gradually and again beaten into the mixture.  Then using a spatula I gently folded the flour, chopped walnuts and chocolate chips in.  The mixture at this point seemed quite stiff and I must admit didn’t look as glossy as the brownies that I normally make.  Anyway that was it – into the tin I tipped it and levelled it out.  Into the oven it went – supposedly for 40 minutes.
However, thought I would clear up whilst waiting for the brownies to cook, when I heard on the radio something that Chris Moyles had said on his show this week about butter being too hard. Butter I thought …. and there in front of me was a huge and I mean HUGE slab of butter.  I had forgotten to put the butter in with the chocolate when I melted it.   Aaarrgggh.  
This is what happens when you are flicking between two recipes – I can remember reading the other recipe and thinking how strange that Mary puts the butter in with the eggs and sugar at the beginning, I have always put it in with the chocolate  (thinking I was looking at the brownie recipe).  Then flicking back to the recipe I had decided to cook, didn’t bother reading the Step 2 about the chocolate, which if I had done I would have realised the butter went in with the chocolate (as per usual).  When I got to Step 3, I carried on as normal and didn’t think about the butter!
Quickly I removed the brownie mixture from the oven, luckily it had only been in there for a few minutes and tipped it back into the bowl.  The butter I melted in the microwave and stirred it in to the mixture very gently.  It now looked extremely glossy, just how it should be.
Back into the oven it went for 40 minutes and all I could do was pray!!
It smelt lovely and did look good when I removed it from the oven, but the truth would reveal itself once the brownie had been cut.  But this is a recipe that has to be left in the tin until cooled..
The moment of truth … phew, a big sigh of relief it looks good and tastes extremely good, lovely and moist, although I must say with that amount of butter in it, I’m sure it’s a ‘Heart Attack on a Plate’.

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