Recipe 23 – Viennese Fingers

15th January 2012

Boys off to rugby, daughter still in bed (what it is to be 16 again!), so the kitchen to myself!
It’s so difficult to choose which recipe to bake next, so a quick flick through the ‘Bible’ and this one caught my eye.  I love these biscuits, especially M&S ones!!
Only four ingredients in the biscuit mix and then some melted chocolate to finish.
Oven on …
Icing sugar and butter into bowl.  It didn’t seem like very much, so thought I would do this by hand for once.  Not sure whether it was the cold weather outside, which made it feel colder inside, but it seemed to take for ages for the mix to become pale and fluffy.  Had to sieve the flour and baking powder in (which means more washing up) and then beat it all together.  
Whoops, forgot to grease two baking sheets, so quickly did these and then filled the icing bag up with the mixture.  Mary says a medium size star nozzle.  What’s medium, looked through all my nozzles, and believe me I have quite a few and eventually chose one.  The mixture seemed a little bit on the stiff side and I must admit it was rather hard to pipe the mixture.  Wasn’t happy with the nozzle I had chosen to swapped it for a larger one.  The mixture was still difficult to pipe out, but I think my hands warmed it up a bit and eventually it became easier.
Wasn’t sure whether or not the biscuits were wide enough, but Mary said they would spread out once in the oven baking, so trusted her!   The biscuits were meant to be about 7.5cm (3″) long, which mine were to start with, but I noticed when I put them in the oven that there were various sizes – they seemed to be getting bigger the more I piped.
The first batch into the oven came out a little to brown, they changed very quickly from a pale golden brown to golden brown.  The next bath I put in for 10 minutes and then checked them.  Left them in for another 2 minutes and took them out.  Lift off and cool on wire rack – some of my biscuits seemed rather thin and broke when I picked them off, so resorted to using a palette knife to pick them up with, which I probably should have done in the first place.
Whilst the biscuits were cooling I melted some plain chocolate ready to dip them in.  The first few biscuits dipped were a complete failure.  Dipped one end in and when I went to turn the biscuit round to dip the other end in, they snapped in half.  Not sure whether it was the fact that the chocolate was too heavy for the biscuit or that I had made them too thin.  Was beginning to get cross as they all seemed to be breaking.  Decided to spread the chocolate onto the end of the biscuits, which seemed to work and then plucked up courage to try dipping them again.  The second batch worked better, I think they were slightly thicker.
Left them on the rack to set.  They didn’t last long once the boys had returned from rugby!  At least my son said they were lovely and tasted just like the ones from M&S.  That’s some compliment – watch out M&S.
Overall I found these fiddly to make, but everybody enjoyed them and they soon disappeared!



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