Recipe 20 – Lemon Meringue Pie

8th January 2012

One of my favourites!
A quick trip to the shop to buy some condensed milk and lemons – essential ingredients!
Oven on.  I must admit before starting to bake my way through this book, I wasn’t one for pre-heating my oven and used to put everything into a cold oven.  Not any more, I am a changed person…
No plastic bag to crush the biscuits in again, so weighed them into a bowl and crushed them with my fingers.  Melted the butter and poured it over the biscuit crumbs to make a crumble.  Pressed the mixture into the tin and put to one side to set.
Now onto the lemon filling.  Reading back through the recipe mixed everything together slightly differently to the order that Mary said, whoops! 
First to separate the 3 eggs.  Nearly did that the wrong way round, putting the yolks into a small bowl and the eggs into the larger bowl.  Successfully separated with no shell to pick out!  Next rolled the lemons on the worktop to ensure that I managed to get as much juice out of them as possible.  Rind from the three lemons added to the bowl and then juiced.  I have never seen so many pips in 3 lemons!  Made the mistake of juicing the lemons straight into the bowl.  Wasn’t really watching what I was doing as I was keeping an eye on the dog outside and what he was up to – has a tendency at the moment to eat everything and anything he comes across  – stones, sticks, plants you mention it, he eats it!!  There in the bowl staring up at me must have been at least 30 pips.  It seemed to take an age to remove them all … but had I removed all of them?
Mixed the condensed milk into the mixture and whipped it all up together.  Found 2 more lemon pips, another mix to check there were no more.  It’s a funny mixture – if you leave it for a few minutes it thickens and virtually sets, but if you give it a quick stir it becomes runny again.  
Next pour mixture into tin.  Realised after I had poured the mixture in that I had in fact used a loose bottomed tin … Mary said use a deep fluted flan dish, nothing about a loose bottom!!!  Hoped it would be ok and the mixture wouldn’t seep out, it was too late now to change.
Onto the meringue.  Put the 3 egg whites into a bowl and whisked them up until stiff.  Then added the sugar, about 1tsp at a time and whisked in between.  This took a long time as there was 175g of sugar to add.  Finally all whisked in and the meringue looked lovely and glossy.
Spooned the meringue over the top of the lemon filling and gently spread it over.
Into the oven it went for 20 minutes until it was light brown on the top.  Mixture was fine, there was no seepage out from the bottom …. phew!

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