Recipe 19 – Very Best Scones

3rd January 2012

Felt the urge to bake, have gone too long without cooking cakes!

Was home alone (well almost – Joe was upstairs on his Xbox) as Paul and Emily had gone to take the dog for a walk.

What could I make that would be ready in time for their return?  Quick flick through and fancied baking some scones.

Oven on, baking sheets lightly greased.

Out with my new scales (Christmas present) as my old ones were well and truly falling apart, and my new bowl (also a present).  Actually, thinking about it, nearly all my Christmas presents were to do with cooking!!

Flour and baking powder weighed into the bowl and the butter added.  Rubbed in until resembled breadcrumbs. Onto the sugar.  Nearly made a mistake here as the page had inadvertently turned over onto another recipe.  It was only when I noticed that fruit was needed, I realised I was on the wrong recipe.  Luckily I needed more sugar, not less.  Phew!!

Two eggs beaten and make up to 300ml with some milk.   I could actually use some of our chickens’ eggs at last as one or two of them have decided to start laying again.  There is nothing better than your own eggs.  Having used our own eggs for the last 3 years, I had to resort to ‘shop’ ones last month as our girls are getting old now and need a break over the winter months.  They were nowhere near as good!  Hopefully the two that are laying will continue now and nudge the others into laying too!

Put a couple of tablespoons of the milk/egg mixture to one side for glazing and then added the liquid gently to the mixture, stirring until I had a soft dough.  It says that the mixture should be slightly on the wet side and stick to your fingers, mine certainly did!

Put the dough mixture onto a lightly floured board and instead of rolling it out with a rolling pin (could have used my new one I got for Christmas), I decided to flatten it out with my hands.  Now, where were my cutters?  Normally they are in the top cupboard next to the cooker, couldn’t see them, so resorted to climbing on the kitchen units to find them (I’m too short to reach to the back of the top shelf!!).  They weren’t there, panic began to set in, where were they, when did I last use them….

Eventually found the cutters.  Mary said to use a 5cm cutter, mine was slightly larger, and the next one down would have been too small.  I thought the 5cm cutter was tiny, but thought it would be nice to have dainty scones rather than huge ones.  Cut them out, remembering not to twist the cutter when you cut through the dough as this apparently makes the scones rise crookedly.

All cut out, placed on tray, tops brushed with egg wash and put into the oven for 10-15 minutes. I took them out after 10 as they were nicely risen and golden brown.  Removed onto baking tray and covered with clean tea towel as this apparently keeps them moist.

Doorbell rings, Paul and Emily are back with the dog, so it’s kettle on and time for tea and scones!!  

The scones were delicious and I don’t think the remaining few will be there very long …



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