Recipe 18 – Rock Cakes

Something for Joe.  When he was little and I was baking, he’d always ask for Rock Cakes, so having found them in this book, I thought I would make them.

Oven was already warm from the scones, so just had to turn the temperature down a bit  tp 180°C.  Trays greased.

Another rubbing in recipe – 225g self raising flour, 2 level tsp baking powder and 100g butter were added to the bowl and rubbed in.  100g mixed dried fruit and 50g currants were added and stirred in.  I nearly made a mistake with the sugar, always assume it’s caster sugar, but on checking the weight needed, I realised it said granulated sugar.  Do we have any?  Luckily keep a small bag of sugar for any visitors, just in case they take it in their tea/coffee.

50g granulated sugar went in next and I stirred in.  Next beat one egg and add it to a tablespoon of milk.  This was stirred in to the mixture.  The mixture appeared to be a bit on the dry side so added a little more milk until the mixture came together.

Mary suggests using two teaspoons to shape the mixture into 12 heaped rounds on the baking sheets.  To be honest, I found it easier using my hands.  At the time I thought 12, that’s not very many they are going to be huge, but they didn’t appear to be too big once on the trays.

Tops sprinkled with demerara sugar and into the oven they went.  Set the timer for 15 minutes, after which time I took them out as they were a lovely golden brown.  Placed on a cooling rack to cool … well except for one, that one went straight to Joe for his approval!

3 Jan 2012


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