Recipe 17 – Key Lime Pie

Having had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to celebrating the New Year with friends, I thought I’d sneak one more recipe in for 2011.
Had to be something quick as I only decided mid afternoon to cook something.
Well I had all the ingredients – but again didn’t have the right size tin.  So off to Lakeland again, and also a bit of shopping too in the sales.
First things first,  crush 150g digestive biscuits in a plastic bag.  Whoops, no freezer bags!  Resorted to crushing the biscuits by hand in a bowl, quite therapeutic actually.  Melted 65g butter in a saucepan and then added the crushed biscuits and 25g demerara sugar.  Mixed together and tipped into my tin.  Was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough of the mixture to cover the base and sides of the tin, but there was, just.  Put in the fridge to set whilst I knocked up the filling.
Nearly had a disaster!!  Started by grating the rind from one of the limes (you need 4 limes in total – juice from all 4 and the rind from 1) into the bowl.  The dog arrived in the kitchen quite quickly when the cheese grater came out the cupboard!!  Thought I would use the grater rather than my citrus peeler as I wanted a very fine rind.  Took a while for the dog to realise it wasn’t cheese and he eventually wandered off.
Onto the juicing – suddenly realised the rind wasn’t to go in the mixture, but on top at the end.  Luckily I had only cut the limes in half and hadn’t yet juiced them.  Amazed by how much juice I actually go from 4 limes.  Added a 397g can condensed milk and 300ml double cream and beat them all together until well blended.
Poured the filling in to the case, levelled it out and put it back in the fridge to set.
After a few hours I whipped the remaining cream (150g) together and decided to pipe it onto the cheesecake rather than spread it on.  First things first, Mary says to remove the cheesecake from the tin.  Easier said than done.  Mine had decided it wasn’t going to come out of the tin.  After some gentle persuasion in the form of a kitchen knife around the sides, it did come out and amazingly the sides stayed on even though they were slightly thin.  I didn’t remove the base of the tin as I felt it may all fall apart.
Cream piped onto the top and then to finish off a sprinkling of the grated lime rind.
Back in the fridge ready to eat on New Year’s Day!!
Verdict – Delicious!

31 Dec 2011


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