Recipe 16 – Muesli Cookies

Something quick while the Choc Fudge Cake was cooking.

Oven already on at 160°C, 3 baking trays greased.

Thinking this is a healthy recipe after the previous one, having muesli in it, I changed my mind when I saw there was 175g  of butter used!!  Perhaps not as healthy as it sounds!

All the ingredients went  into the bowl – 175g butter, 100g caster sugar, 1 egg and 175g self raising flour (except the muesli).  Used the hand whisk for this which was probably a mistake as once the mixture had combined together it was a very soft dough, which all stuck to the whisk!  Over to a spoon to stir in 175g muesli.

28 spoonfuls later, I had 28 cookies to bake.  Some more muesli sprinkled on the tops of the cookies, together with some demerara sugar (it did come in handy after all!)  Choccy cake out, muesli cookies in.

15 minutes later out they came and onto the cooling rack.  Although they look very rustic, they do taste very good.



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