Recipe 14 – Fast Mincemeat Christmas Cake

I have normally cooked my Christmas cake by now and probably decorated it to.  I must admit Christmas cake is something that I personally don’t enjoy, it’s too rich and heavy.  I think the same goes for the rest of my family, with the exception of Emily who will eat it!

This cake was very nearly a catastrophe from the beginning.  Knowing Paul was off to the dentist I wrote a note asking him to buy me some ‘luxury mincemeat’ and some ‘light muscovado sugar’.  Of he went to the dentist and was obviously in some distress when he came out as he read my note as ‘turkey mincemeat’.  After wandering around  M&S and not being able to find any turkey mincemeat (I dread to think what he thought I was baking), he looked at the note again and saw it said mincemeat.  So that was sorted.  He couldn’t find muscovado sugar in M&S so bought demerara instead!!  Realised this probably wouldn’t do and is normally something you put in coffee, he managed to find some muscovado in another shop!!

Anyway onto the cake.  Normally you have to soak the fruit for at least 24 hours before you make the cake, but with this one it was a case of putting it all in one bowl and beating it well for 1 minute.  So into a large bowl I weighed out 150g softened butter, 150g light muscovado sugar, 2 large eggs, 225g self raising flour, 400g mincemeat, 175g currants and 50g chopped almonds.  I used the hand whisk for this and must admit I was a bit worried the mincemeat would turn to slush, but it didn’t.  The smell was just like a ‘normal’ Christmas cake.

The mixture was turned the mixture into the lined round cake tin, levelled out and popped it into the oven 140°C) for an hour.  After this initial hour, Mary suggests covering the top with foil to stop it browning to much, so Mary knows best, so I did this, but with brown paper as I had run out of foil.

The cake was baked for another 3/4 hour and then removed from the oven.  I left the cake in the tin for 10 minutes and then removed it and peeled the parchment off.

The final cake…


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