Recipe 10 – Banana Loaf

If there’s something we always have in our house, it is a glut of over ripe bananas.  If I don’t buy bananas somebody wants them and when I do buy them, more often than not they just sit there!!

This was one of the simplest recipes so far, and so quick and easy to prepare.
The hardest bit was probably greasing and lining the loaf tin!  The oven was put on to preheat at 160°C.
It was another case of weighing the ingredients out putting them all  into one bowl and beating it for a couple of minutes.  It couldn’t have been easier.  First in was 100g softened butter to this I added 175g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 2 mashed ripe bananas, 225g self raising flour, 1 tsp baking powder and finally 2tbsp milk.
Into the oven it went for an hour and I must admit the smelt lovely.  Out it came golden brown, children came home from school and started on it straight away!  The whole loaf had been eaten within 24 hours and a request put in for another one, soon!!
Mary does say in her book there is no need to butter the slices, but I must admit that I thought of it more as a cake than a loaf as it was extremely moist.

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