Recipe 1 – Swiss Roll

14th November 2011

Well this is it, no going back now …
Which recipe do I try first?  Pick a number I said up to 385.  First number one of the index pages, second number picked, introduction of cooking terms.  Third number …. Swiss Roll.  Swiss roll it is then.
First things first, I need a swiss roll tin!  Thank goodness for Lakeland coming to Newbury. 
I think the last time I made a swiss roll was when I was at school and that was quite some time ago.
Ok, whisk 4 large eggs and 100g caster sugar until light and fluffy and so the whisk leaves a trail when lifted out.  Thank goodness for Emily’s (my daughter) electric whisk she had for her birthday a few years ago.  This took longer than I thought it would, over five minutes.  I kept lifting the whisk out, counted 1 …. 2…. the trail had disappeared, more whisking…
100g self-raising flour sieved into the mixture folded in, poured in to prepared tin.  Gentle shake so mixture goes into the corner and that’s it, into the oven (200°C) it goes!
Something tells me that was the easy bit!
10 minutes later out of the oven.  Looks and smells good.  Placed some greaseproof paper on the work top, sprinkled it liberally with sugar.  Turned the swiss roll out onto it.  Thank goodness it came out in one, I was worried!  Peeled the parchment off.
Now to square the edges or not.  The book says to do so and it does mean I get to taste the cake before it’s finished.  Cake trimmed, trimmings eaten!
After cooling slightly, spread home made strawberry jam (4tbsp)over the top.
Now the fun begins.  They make it look so easy on television when they roll up their swiss rolls.  I remembered to score the sponge about 2cm in from the edge, which helped when rolling the sponge up as you simple turned this over to make the initial roll.


That’s it, my first recipe completed.  It looks good, but will have to wait until the rest of the family are home from work and school for their honest verdict and believe me it will be honest!

One thought on “Recipe 1 – Swiss Roll

  1. I can't believe you have no comments yet for your first recipe?I think this is a wonderful idea and am starting at the beginning of your blog to enjoy it from the start.


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